February 19, 2013

Triple Bunk Bed

We have been working out how to get four boys into the boys bedroom since #6 Boy will need to be out of the nursery this summer.  We came up with all sorts of plans, but by the end have decided that it was best to do a triple bunk bed.  I looked for a while online at buying one but they are expensive and I wouldn't be getting what I wanted.  However, I did find some that I liked, it just meant that we would need to build it ourselves.  Dad was hoping to hold off until spring when the weather would be a little warmer and the work could be done outdoors, but I know I wouldn't be as helpful the further along I get.  So, we started making plans, drawing up pictures and writing down what we would need based off a picture online.  Then for one of our date nights we spent three hours at Home Depot gathering wood and getting the really long ones cut.  Since that time Dad has done some more cutting, initiating our circular saw that I bought last Christmas, along with lots of drilling and screwing.  It has been fun to have a project to work on together. 
The wood supply

Dad and #1 Girl cutting some of the wood

Everything else that goes on while cutting the wood

#6 Boy is old enough to get around a little on the ride on toys!

#5 Boy wanted a cute picture

and #3 Girl in her roller blades

#2 Boy was not too happy when he cut through his bottom lip pretty bad as the window on the truck came down on his head

The beginnings of the beds

For FHE last night we let the children help paint part of the beds (very slow and messy!)

#2 Boy waiting for his turn

#2 Boy painting

After too many paint issues, I remembered that we had these great gowns for painting!

#2 Boy did manage to have paint dropped into his hair..oh the joys!

#4 Boy liked painting, but not once he was dressed for it.

#1 Girl's favorite pose right now

#5 Boy was asleep, I was fine with one less craziness going on!
To finish we need to do the rest of the painting, repaint the boys room, and then screw it into place!  Can't wait to get the beds into the room!  We are grateful for our tall ceilings that will allow enough room to be able to sit up on the beds.  I am sure I will post more once we get around to finishing it up!

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