March 14, 2019

Science: Fetal Pig Dissection

Today we were able to do our final dissection which were two Fetal Pigs!

We got our dissection supplies and specimens from this website:

We use Richard Glassford's youtube videos and he has all but the pig so far but said he would do it soon:

Well also got this book from the homesciencetools website: How to Dissect by Berman

We also picked up The Zoology Coloring Book by Elson from Amazon but they are pretty deep and we haven't used them a ton...but if your kids love coloring more they might!

Let me know if you have more questions!

Science: Frog Dissection

We used homesciencetools to get our supplies and followed along with Richard Glassford via youtube: 
 Frog sticking his tongue out
 Female frog with loads of eggs

June 17, 2015

Dear Child!

Oh, Dearest Child!  You are a little stinker lately. I try to keep up with you but it is truly exhausting!  You just seem to go, go, go.  You go from climbing shelves and triple bunk beds to making messes and breaking things.  Then there are those sweet moments when you snuggle in close, give big hugs, and make the whole family burst into laughter.  Though you are not two yet...I think you have hit the "Terrible Twos" or as a former teacher told me the "Terrific Twos" as you gain your independence, push bounds, and explore the world around you!   We love you and are so glad you are growing and enjoying life!
Mr. Climber finding dirt in the window sill to play in.  I think it was that same day he pulled over and broke the lamp in the family room.

I tried to snap a photo of scripture study.  #7 Boy decided he wanted to read from the scriptures also (and gets very upset if he doesn't get a book)...but if you notice in the photo...right as I pulled my camera out the capture the sweet moment he decided to rip the pages instead!

#7 Boy tried copying one of his siblings and ended up planting his face into his doughnut

#7 Boy loves wearing these 'roller-blades' and being like the big kids! (It really does make him feel so old!)

Little stinker wouldn't stay in his bed after he had already made his way up to our bed he took after #6 Boy and talked himself to sleep on the red couch.

Little boys enjoying a box...they spent a long time stabbing holes all around the box

Cheese, after he scraped up his nose while biking

He loves to scare and attack his siblings and they all get a kick out of it!

He decided he needed a wet rag on his head to be a monster and would make a deep growling sound with his arms reached out as he chased his siblings...who would all crawl away acting scared and laughing!

The kids also made human swings for #7 Boy to play on

I love #3 Girl's laughter in this photo!

Dad decided he wanted a try also...the kids got a good kick out of that!

Two cut up shirts in one day!  Little stinker would hold the scissors in and snip, snip away went his nice shirts!