May 16, 2015

Zion National Park - Weeping Rock Trail and Riverside Walk

After our first two exciting hikes (on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning) we decided to do some more simple hikes where no children would be lost over the edge ;-)
So after a snack near the car we headed up to ...
Weeping Rock Trail
It was a short little hike.  It was amazing to think about how long the water works its way through the rock (yes, we read signs as we hiked).  Then the water flowed through the rock and down. 
Weeping Rock

Enjoying a nice view
Riverside Walk
This trail is mostly flat and fully paved.  It leads to the beginning of the Narrows.  We would love to do part of the Narrows some time, but not in the cold without proper equipment.  This walk proved to be full of beauty and was a nice stroll.
Kids had to check out the river many times as we hiked along near it.

Our crew..#5 Boy must be with me. 

#7 Boy liked doing his own walking and got a lot of attention from the other hikers.

It was a beautiful walk

Relaxing on one of the rocks while he waits for everyone

At the end of the trail leading to the Narrows

Our Family Photo

Climbing the rocks

I thought this spot was beautiful...

..can you tell!?

#4 Boy wanted a photo by the BIG rock


Hanging out

Scrambling up the Rocks to the Path

Down Stream

Boys hiking

I love #2 Boy's expression...wish I knew what he was talking about!

Another pretty view

Handsome Man

Yes, part of the time we hiked with the little ones on our shoulders...#7 Boy was not a fan of the pack...really he wanted to walk most of the time.

A glowing tree

Side shot of me thanks to #1 Girl I am guessing

Interesting view with the lines/twigs in front

Two cameras going, so we get some similar shots


The kids found a huge "slide"

They had lots of fun sliding and we got lots of comments and stares (we get that a lot and even random people taking photos of our family as we hike along...pretty funny).

Dad helping #5 Boy to the top

Sliding down

Hiking along the trail

One last view of Riverside Walk

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