June 5, 2014

Flip Flop Wreath

This wreath was pretty easy to make.  I even made it to the store for the supplies with my four little ones in tow and made the wreath the same day.  The flip flops are available at Dollar Tree.  The wreath frame and material I got at Walmart.
Supplies: 6 pairs of flip flops, wire wreath frame, and ribbon (near the wreath frame)
Step 1: design where you want the flip flops on the wreath.  Don't worry to much about the ribbon it will just fill in the empty space.

Starting my flip flop wreath
Step 2: attach the flip flops to the wire frame.  Some that I had seen online suggested using hot glue.  that doesn't work really well with the wire wreath frame so I used small pieces of wire.  I bent them in half with pliers and pulled them through the flip flops then just twisted the wire together on the other side.
I decided to use wire to attach the flip flops.  Tried hot glue but didn't work with this wreath base.
Step 3: After flip flops are attached simply string the ribbon between the flip flops making big loops.  I didn't even have to glue or tie down the ribbon.  Threading it through the wire is enough to hold it in place.  Add a simple wire ribbon bow.
My finished wreath!  I think it turned out cute.
Step 4: Hang on door.  I used a little suction hook found in the bathroom supplies.  It holds up great!

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