March 6, 2013

Triple Bunk Bed

We are ALMOST done with the triple bunk bed.  We are thinking about switching out the side rails on the top two bunks and need to finish touch up painting but the kids have been enjoying it.  It was a big project which also included repainting the boys room from a brown/green to light and dark blue, pulling off the baseboards, screwing it all together and into the wall, and painting it all.  But, we love it!  It is coming along looking just how I imagined.
We were able to get the room painted on Saturday along with getting the top two frames and ladder together with the top frame screwed to the wall.

Dad getting the top two bunks attached to the ladder
Frames up but not screwed in

Dad making sure it is all level

Saturday Night stopping point
On Monday we got the second frame screwed to the wall, added the slates and and boards along with the two side rails.
We didn't get #5 Boy's done by bed time and he was NOT happy about that...but we did it Tuesday!
The kids loved climbing up and over the ladder all Sunday and Monday and continued to climb around calling it their "playground" while Dad got the second frame screwed to the wall

#6 Boy playing

Dad hard at work

Dad and kids testing out the bed support

5 of the kids playing on their "fort"

Six monkeys on a bed
   On Tuesday we got the baseboard off and the bottom bunk screwed into place with slates, board and a new mattress bought and put on.   I didn't get pictures of the process since I pulled out the baseboards and put the bottom bunk into place...but here is what the bed looks like currently.  Just a little more work!
Triple Bunks

The kids love their bunks!
Note: We have made the side rails a little bigger and painted them.


  1. Thank for posting. Very helpful for me. I don't have a circular or power saw.Would this still work if I get the pieces of wood cut at Home Depot? Thank you

  2. Hello,my husband and I have been looking for a plan like this for our boys! I was wondering if you had a material list? Thank you for sharing ❤️